Torontoist: Cruel to be Kind

Mark tweeted about the season finale of Less Than Kind this upcoming weekend and added that there was a nice note from The Torontoist.

The Weekend


Josh from Less Than Kind stares at the promos for Mad Men and dreams of greater things. Like maybe not wearing underpants in public

Less Than Kind closes out a third season, which has been one of the strongest in Canadian television since probably Da Vinci’s City Hall got cancelled. A lot of series do not survive the death of a major cast member, particularly one as truly great as Maury Chaykin was, but Less Than Kind‘s third season has actually improved on the first two in many ways. Jesse Camacho’s performance as Sheldon Blecher is simply a standout in so many ways, but Benjamin Arthur’s turn as Josh this season has been captivating and entertaining as all get out. Many of HBO Canada’s “Canadian” offerings have been unimpressive (Good Dog, anyone?) but Less Than Kindis proof that HBO Canada can meet the standards of its American counterpart—even if it has to work with a smaller budget. (8:30 p.m. Sunday)